Why My Favourite Fragrance Smell Is Not The Same

In recent years, this has been the most asked question from people who have been using a particular perfume/ aftershave for years.

Apart from smelling nice, fragrance scents are like music, they can hold  memories of cherishable moments in people's lives. As such, people do get attached with a particular fragrance's scent as it triggers those nostalgic feelings.

Therefore, a slight change in the smell of perfume or aftershave scent is quickly noticeable by the loyal customers and it can be very disappointing from the consumer point of view to get the scent that doesn't triggers those nostalgic moments in your life.

In deed, the fragrance scents have changed and don't smell like they used to back in the day. The changes in perfume or aftershave scents was driven by the health authorities due to increasing cases of allergies that was caused by the use of oak moss. Undoubtedly, oak moss was once the most important ingredient that gives a scent a woody, earth notes and helps the scent last longer.

In 2015, An EU regulation banned its members the use of oak moss into fragrances and the rest of perfume makers around the world widely adopted the EU regulation.

So if you noticed the changed in the smell on your favourite perfume or aftershave, it's the change for the better to avoid skin allergies, the downsides are it may no longer hold those cherishable memories or last as long as it used to be.

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