How To Choose The Right Perfume or Aftershave

It can be daunting the thought of choosing the right perfume or aftershave from the vast selections of competing perfumes and aftershave brands.

We have decided to put together useful tips that will help you to navigate your way and select the right perfume or aftershave for you.

When it come to buying fragrance, there are few factors to take into account, the scent of the perfume or aftershave, top note and different spices used to make the scents. All put together will create the right scent that you can relate to it or not. When you identify with the scent of the fragrance it means that scent most likely suit your personality.

That is the key to connect the smell of fragrance to your own personality. Then, you need to factor the fragrance brand attributes/qualities and ask yourself this question. Is the brand e.g YSL projecting the personality that you can relate to or identify with? if the answer is yes then that is the right perfume or aftershave to for you.

We also encourage our customers to be adventurous and try different fragrances as we are all have a habit of playing safe and sticking with familiar choices. You will be surprised to learn that you it is okay to playful with perfume and aftershaves by wearing different scents depending on the mood or occasion.



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